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She may want you to eat her out, but on Food Bangers she knows damn well she better have some excellent nutritional value if she wants you to say yes! We are proud to present you with an all-you-can-eat buffet of bitches serving up wholesome organic meals from their orgasmic hot boxes. These whores know that you need both food and sex to be happy!
We take edible aphrodisiacs to a hardcore level and are the only website in the world to specialize in this unique food-sex niche.
Combining the world’s two biggest aphrodisiacs: food and fucking, Food Bangers explores the kinky results when you get a hot, horny girl who loves to eat dick as much as she loves gobbling down delicious food.
Hope you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, because all of our sexy little dishes come with huge side-orders of creamy throat yoghurt and thick manmeat!
They say milk does a body good. What about heavy cream?
Enjoy sexy appetizers as you wait for the main course!

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